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It’s The Right Time to Move!

Have you been considering a move to the Cloud, but are worried that it could interrupt your day-to-day business operations? Well at Nettko we pride ourselves on being experts in Cloud migration, and make the whole process completely painless!

Every day you spend using an old system, or even worse a paper system, you’re throwing money down the drain. The loss of productivity from trivial manual tasks adds up over the course of a year, especially when it keeps your staff from focusing on their true role.

Procedures as simple as a leave application are often complex and require the attention of multiple staff members coupled with paper trails and inboxes – that was, until a move to the Cloud became a reality. Now, with just a few clicks, simple tasks can be completely automated and free up your staff to focus on what’s important.

Move to the Cloud

Let Nettko Plan The Details

We’ve built our business on providing our clients with the latest technical innovations, and also on understanding the individual requirements of our customers. While there is nothing we haven’t seen, we also realise the power in customising a system to be a perfect fit for your business, as opposed to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to the Cloud.

Your business is unique, and all of the little intricacies make all the difference when deciding what parts of your operation to move to the Cloud, and for this reason we’re happy to assess it down to the nitty gritty and maximise the increases in productivity that this move will make for your business.

Your Staff Will Embrace The Move With Nettko!

Unlike many old systems that were clunky and required enormous amounts of training, Nettko has a solution called LiveTiles which is built on time tested Microsoft technology. This solution has an elegant design, a simple dashboard, and maximises staff adoption.

With a Cloud system by Nettko you can rest assured that from day one your staff will know how to use the system, and will actively embrace its use. Our clients report immediate increases in productivity, and that they have dramatically reduced the training time of new staff, all thanks to the LiveTiles system.

Contact Us about your Move to the Cloud

We can talk benefits, numbers, time frame and all of it! Cloud migration and solutions are our speciality, so you will be in great hands.

Please call us now for a friendly & helpful chat, we would be glad to help 1300 NETTKO or use our contact us page or even try our Live Chat below!

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