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LiveTiles – An Innovation In Cloud Technology

LiveTiles is the beautifully simple cloud business solution. It is also the ingenious answer to the common question, ‘How do we get our users to use the new system?’ By taking the approach of only showing the user exactly what they use on a daily basis, and integrating an elegant and simple design, LiveTiles is able to provide an outstanding cloud solution that is the most user friendly and functional business system on the market.

LiveTiles is simple and effective collaboration – it is your solution to increased business productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, staff morale and above all, your bottom line.

Beautiful, Robust & Tested Platform

Built on a solid base of technology (Microsoft SharePoint), LiveTiles is a comprehensive drag-and-drop dashboard that takes a minimalist approach to design. Our clients have reported that their staff not only love the look of LiveTiles, but also appreciate how all of the applications and documents that they regularly access can be easily found in one place.

Outstanding Staff Adoption Rates

Nettko has seen the results. Businesses that choose to dramatically increase their efficiency through a LiveTiles solution have never before seen such high staff adoption rates. It is unheard of.

The impressive user adoption rates are a result of the modern, beautiful and easy-to-use design and feel. We want you to see for yourself and test it out. In the next section you can trial the online demonstration – but remember, with the powerful LiveTiles solution, you can fully customise the design, look and feel of the product to capture your company’s brand, colours and uniqueness. It is a truly remarkable feature that enables rapid and mass staff adoption within your business.

Try an Online Demo of LiveTiles Now

LiveTiles is shaking up the market so much that we have built a dedicated micro-site to explain the system, and also provide you with an interactive online demo.

To find out more about LiveTiles and take a look at the online demo, please click the button below:

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