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Frequently Asked Questions

Confused about where to get started? Here’s a list of frequently asked questions to get you thinking about your business and how it can benefit from our cloud solutions.

General FAQ
What if we are still on a paper system?

If your business is still operating on a paper system (aka in the stone age) then you are the perfect candidate for a move to the Cloud. Nettko is happy to sit down and assess all of your current processes and operations and how they could be translated to an online system. This will save you countless hours, and potentially eliminate many steps in your process, which will lead to a huge improvement in efficiency.

Can you work with my current system?

We’re happy to have a look at your current system, and there is a good chance that our engineers will be experienced in your technology. In saying this, most technology and systems that haven’t been upgraded in the last couple of years will not contain the benefits of the huge innovations in Cloud technology. One of the benefits of Nettko is that we have ongoing support and continually bring you the latest upgrades and innovations available, keeping you ahead of the pack. So please give us a call, and we will discuss your current solution and what your best option is from here.

How much does a solution cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer, because every solution is as unique as your business is. We are happy to discuss this and provide an obligation free quote, and after a brief understanding of your business we can happily give you a ballpark to see if you’re interested in further investigation. To discuss your business and how a custom solution can help you, please call us today on 1300 NETTKO.

What hours are your support team open?

At Nettko we know how important it is to keep you online, so we offer 24/7 monitoring to ensure that your business is up and running when it matters! We also offer extended hours phone and email support on business days to make sure you can access our team when you need to.

Can you manage my entire IT system?

We certainly can! At Nettko we offer end-to-end solutions, and are happy to take care of everything. We can look after your hardware needs, your day to day software needs, and connect your team up with an innovative Cloud solution.

How do I know Nettko is the best provider for me?

At Nettko, we pride ourselves on our ongoing staff training, and our high-level certifications from Microsoft. We comprehensively vet our staff to make sure we only have the highest quality talent within our organisation, and we have worked with 100’s of clients. Nettko has migrated thousands of users and is a world class cloud migration specialist. We respect you, and we respect your business – so we make sure that once we set you up with a solution we continue to work with you and provide you with the latest innovations in technology so you can continue to outperform your competitors through the increased efficiency that Cloud offers.

How long does it take to implement a Cloud system?

Because every system is unique, this varies significantly depending on how complex your business is, and how much of it you would like to automate with the Cloud. Because of this, we can do incremental rollouts to get you up and running in just a matter of weeks on a small system, and then continue to implement new additions to the system to continue to improve your efficiency. More complex systems can take much longer, but the end improvement is far more dramatic.

How does the move to the Cloud help my business?

Imagine for a second that one of your staff has to submit a leave application. Generally what happens is, they look everywhere on the current system for the form (and hopefully they find the right one – they often don’t), they then have to print this document, fill it out, and submit it to HR. From there, it is filed, and can easily be misplaced. Some systems are better or worse than this, but this is a great example of an area of improvement.

With a Cloud solution, we can automate this so much that a form can be filled out online, and HR simply has to tick a box to approve the leave, and it is filed for future reference in a secure location. We eliminate and automate many steps in the process, saving your staff time, and making sure nothing gets lost or is completed incorrectly.

This is just one example – imagine if every process of your business was sped up like this!

Cloud Migration FAQ
What is cloud computing?

With IT as a service quickly gaining popularity as a streamlined and cost effective business practice, the cloud allows end users access to extensive computing resources that are easily accessible from anywhere in the world without burgeoning overheads and costly investment in dedicated hardware and software.

The applications of cloud computing can be tailored to the particular functionalities that your business requires. Learn more about how Nettko makes cloud easy.

How is cloud computing a more cost effective solution?

When considering software as a service it is important to understand that these “on demand” systems do not require in-house maintenance and upkeep. Sure you could invest in an in-house system with the same features as the cloud, but this will require an enormous capital spend on hardware and software alongside with a need to update this system every three or so years.

Cloud computing also increases mobility, with the capacity to go wherever your employees may be. This, combined with the ability to scale your IT environment up and down in accordance to your needs, makes it a more cost effective solution. Speak to one of Nettko’s IT experts about cloud migration for your business.

How secure will my business’ cloud be?

Your cloud computing environment will be housed in an enterprise data centre which is set up with state of the art physical security alongside with cutting edge network, firewall and data security measures.

Do you offer cloud computing services?

Nettko has a range of flexible managed IT offerings alongside with IT support and consulting services which will cover system monitoring and maintenance.

How will cloud computing increase productivity through mobility within my business?

One of the key benefits of adopting cloud computing within your business is that it allows you access as long you’re connected to the internet. Imagine having immediate access to all your business data anytime, from anywhere in the world. Learn more about office365 migration and our other cloud solutions.

How much does it cost to migrate to the cloud?

Migrating to the cloud is actually a much easier and faster process than you would think when you use Nettko. Every Nettko migration is customised to the customer, so the cost and timeline depends on the size of your business. Nettko has developed efficient and cost effective processes and has extensive experience providing business with cloud migration solutions. Get in touch with our team for a quote.

What security measures do you have in place for our cloud?

Our cloud solutions are built on comprehensive platforms which customers can use as a springboard to design, build and secure their cloud applications and infrastructure.

Physical Security Measures

  • 24 hour security
  • Data centres constructed, managed and monitored to shelter data and services from unauthorised access alongside with environmental threats.

Software Security Measures

  • Multiple Levels of Monitoring, Logging and Reporting. This affords visibility to our clients
  • Integrated deployment systems that manage the distribution and installation of security patches
  • Anit-virus / Antimalware protection. Microsoft Antimalware is built into cloud services and can be enabled for real time protection on virtual machines
  • Intrusion detection and DDoS which will identify and mitigate threats from both outside and inside your cloud environment
  • Zero Standing Privileges. Access to customer data by Nettko operations and support personnel is denied by default. Data centre access to systems which store customer data is strictly controlled via lock box processes
  • Isolation. Virtual machines to no receive inbound traffic from the internet unless customers configure them as such
  • Virtual Networks. You can choose to assign multiple deployments to isolated Virtual Networks and allow these deployments to to communicate with each other through private IP addresses
  • Encrypted Communications. Built-in SSL and TSL cryptology enables customers to encrypt communications within and between deployments from the cloud to on-premise data centres; and from your environment to administrators and users
  • Private Connection. Customers can use ExpressRoute to establish a private connection to the datacenter, keeping their traffic off the Internet
  • Data encryption. You are offered a wide range of encryption capabilities up to AES-256, giving you the flexibility to implement the methodology that best meets your needs
  • Identity and Access. Azure Active Directory enables customers to manage access to the cloud, Office 365 and a world of other cloud apps. Multi-Factor Authentication and access monitoring offer enhanced security
Geek FAQ
How can Managed Services help me save money?

In three ways:

  • Manpower is a significant cost for most companies. The improved productivity you enjoy as a result of Nettko’s Managed Services will save you money, every day of the month.
  • Proper management of a network results in longer lifespan of the various systems, so you won’t have to upgrade your systems unnecessarily.
  • By aligning your IT strategy with the business strategy, your systems will be able to meet the growing needs of the business, so you can focus on what’s most important to you.
So how does it work?

The principle behind this service is that, by managing your systems proactively, we reduce the requirement for reactive manual intervention – so you’ll require less reactive support as time goes on as we’ll be refining the network to the point where very little can actually go wrong. This is good news because it means increased productivity from your staff.

Won’t all that maintenance slow our systems down while we’re trying to work?

Not at all – in fact, quite the opposite! We perform most of our system maintenance tasks after hours, during a pre-defined weekly maintenance window that you decide upon. So you’ll never have an annoying slow-down of your machine during work hours. No more prompts, asking you to reboot your machine, etc. It can all be done remotely and out of business hours.

So if it includes an unlimited number of hours, it must be more expensive than “normal” IT support, right?

Not at all – in fact, over the long term, most of our clients enjoy lower IT Management costs than they did when they were still on the traditional “break-fix” IT support model. What’s more, Managed Services costs are completely predictable, whereas traditional “break-fix” IT support results in highly unpredictable expenses.

What if our systems are already working fine?

Most servers and desktop computers that we encounter are actually very far from healthy, though the client often doesn’t realise it. There is a lot that can be done to improve the average network, if you have the right technical skills, the right network management systems and are equipped to spend the time on proactively stabilising the network.

But how can you charge a fixed price for unlimited support? What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We know what level of IT system health is achievable on any given network and we know how many hours of support are needed, when it’s properly managed. We can use those ratios to predict how much support you’re likely to need once we stabilise the network. Leverage our expertise and experience with Nettko’s managed IT services.

What happens if the number of machines on our network changes? Do we sign a new agreement?

No, our agreement allows for growth – and shrinkage in your network. The bill is adjusted automatically as new machines are added. When you decide to remove machines, just let us know and we’ll reduce the billing accordingly.

What guarantee do we have that you’ll live up to the response times in your SLA?

If you are at any time unhappy with Nettko’s service you have the option of cancelling the contract without prejudice.

What happens if we try out your service but find that we don’t like it?

We’re confident that you’ll find value in our service. So much so, that we’ll allow you to cancel the agreement with only 30 days’ notice if you find our service isn’t up to scratch. Ask us about our 30-day try-before-you-buy option.

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