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That’s SO WiFi!

Make your customers even happier with a powerful Cloud based innovative marketing tool, that’s affordable and easy to use.

Expand your online reach by collecting social media followers, likes and check-ins.

Connect with your customers and grow your relationship with them.

That’s SO WiFi!

SO, What is it?

Let’s say you own a business and you’ve installed a Wi-Fi hotspot for your customers to use. However, you watch your customers come in, log on, and become oblivious to anything further you have to offer.

Maybe you wonder whether offering free internet for your customers is actually worth the hassle.

Now there’s SO WiFi – the Social Media Marketing Tool

The concept is simple.

SO WiFi provides your business with a new way to reach out and connect with your customers.

Nettko SO WiFi - Dashboard 1

It’s simple, it works like this:

How SO WiFi Works

  • Customer Enters

    Customers choose which social media platform they would prefer to connect to your business with

  • Join WiFi Network

    Customer gains access to join your WiFi network

  • Social Media Interaction

    SO WiFi will then interact with the social media platform your customer logged in with on behalf of your business

  • Your Business Wins

    This could mean a customer begins “following” your business' Instagram page or “checking – in” to your business on Facebook - there are many options

It allows your business to use social media profiling, giving you the ability to compile data on the demographics of your customer base. Your business can use this data in future advertising campaigns.

As an example, you can identify and reward loyal customers and send them a coupon for a free offer or discount on their next visit.

It’s probably a great fit for your business

Many different kinds of businesses can benefit from this technology.

If you’re a business that provides (or could provide) a WiFi hotspot for your customers, or you have people that congregate around your business, this technology would be perfect.

Businesses that have successfully implemented the technology include (but are definitely not limited to) cafes,car service centres, gyms, restaurants, food courts, fast food outlets, bars, clubs, and hotels.

But is it complicated?

Nettko makes setup easy!

And we’re always on hand to provide ongoing support and training should the need arise.

We will even provide everything that you need in terms of hardware, software and setup – making it easy for you. For example we will supply, install and configure equipment such as WiFi Access Points, routers, software and other technology – you leave this “tech stuff” up to us!

As far as customer access is concerned, they simply need to join your network, ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your business, and the technology handles the rest.

The technologies SO WiFi uses are simple, effective and stable.

Nettko SO WiFi - Dashboard 2

So what are the big SO WiFi benefits? What can I achieve?

Your company is offered a login to the portal/online dashboard where you will receive graphical customer data reports that will help you make better marketing decisions. This portal offers 11 types of reports, including a user activity report and a user connections report.

So for example through this online dashboard you can see who is logged into your WiFi network, and most importantly, now you have the power to communicate with these users during or after their visit. With this extra level of interaction you can access another avenue of marketing to your visitors and customers.

Here are some examples of possible marketing strategies and tactics:

  1. Create & send a newsletter
  2. Discount Coupons to incentivise a purchase now or at a later date
  3. Personalised Birthday Messages
  4. Request a review on your Google Business, Tripadvisor or Facebook page etc.
  5. Plus other options to make the most out of your WiFi users

Want to know more about growing your business?

Contact Nettko today!

We’re the local experts in SO-WiFi. We’ll take the time to understand your business and make the technology work for you and your specific scenario.

The Nettko approach to customer engagement is a five step process beginning with

  1. DISCOVERY – Nettko will comprehensively learn your business so they can provide the best advice.
  2. MASTER PLANNING – Create a strategic plan designed for your business and not somebody down the street.
  3. WE EXPLAIN – NO MORE GEEK SPEAK. We explain our solution in simple, easy to understand terms.
  4. EXECUTION – We’re so good you won’t know we’ve rolled out our solution. And it’s complete with training and support.
  5. ONGOING REFINEMENT – We don’t leave you in a lurch. If you’d like, we can partner with your business to provide ongoing support and monitoring.

Please call us now for a friendly and helpful chat, we would be glad to help on 1300 NETTKO or via our contact page.

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