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Let Us Take You To The Cloud!

Considering a move to the Cloud? Well you’re among the thousands of Australian businesses that see the light every year and see the outstanding benefits of Cloud migration.

At Nettko, we have performed countless migrations, and have learnt that no two migrations are identical. It takes an expert to look at your current business solution and see how the cloud can fit into the equation, and to fully realise the limitless potential improvements in productivity and efficiency.

We see the importance of having all of your staff on the same page, and have solutions that cater for all possible devices and situations. This means your staff can effectively collaborate, and we can optimise your entire workflow.

Cloud Solutions

Paperless Isn’t Just About Saving The Environment

There is no doubt that going paperless is a great way to help save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint – but does it make sense on your balance sheet?

Well, from our clients’ experiences, the answer is a resounding yes! Think about all of the manual processes just to have a simple leave form filled out and approved by an employee for example: imagine if this could all be automated to the point where it all just takes a few simple clicks. This is the essence of how the Cloud can completely overhaul your tedious tasks and save countless hours over the course of the year.

Practically every manual process in your business can be eliminated or optimised through the use of systems, and significantly reduce the time your staff spend on ‘busywork’ and distractions, letting them focus on the true role that you have assigned them.

Already on the Cloud? We Can Still Help

Do you already have a business solution in place that is sitting on the Cloud? Nettko is very interested in working together with clients that already have an existing solution in place and tinkering with their processes to maximise their productivity.

We’re experts in all things Cloud, and would love to chat about how we can powerfully transform your business in record time!

Increase User Adoption with a Beautiful Design

Some Cloud solutions can look overly technical and somewhat ‘scary’ to your staff. We have the ultimate solution to this problem, and it’s called LiveTiles.

To find out more about LiveTiles, please check out our micro-site.

Interested in How our Cloud Solutions can Help You?

Call us today! We love talking about how our tried and tested Cloud solutions can rocket your business’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Please call us now for a friendly and helpful chat, we would be glad to help on 1300 NETTKO or contact us through one of the other ways on this page. Or even try our Live Chat below!

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