Microsoft announces no more support for Server 2003

July 14th 2015 sees the end of support for Server 2003. This operating system as of July 14th is at the end of its life as Microsoft will move on to focus on the new Server 2012. Windows Server 2003 will soon be celebrating its 12th birthday – the same time Microsoft plans to pull support. Even a good 11 years after its launch, this year has seen 37 updates released for their soon to be old Server operating system (OS).

Still unsure what this mean for you? You read it right! ALL support for Server 2003 will be history, so your business will need a plan. If you are wondering what this announcement could mean for you and your IT operations, this change will see the end of patches and security updates for the 2003 platform. This means that any new vulnerabilities or security problems that arise in the future will go unpatched and unsupported by Microsoft (potentially causing you enormous headaches). Furthermore, if you continue to run the old platform you will start to fail standard compliance audits and not have support for new Microsoft software and technologies.

Industry experts have estimated that there are currently more than 10 million machines still operating on Server 2003. But with the end of support for Server 2003, these companies will soon be left without support. Now is the time to move forward with server technology. Keeping your now legacy servers in operation is both expensive and risky but it isn’t all bad news. This is an important change for you and your business and moving onto the new Server 2012 will offer many benefits to your IT environment.

Microsoft Server 2012 Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Increased storage – Storage is a complex topic in the IT Eventually everything will be stored in the cloud but we still have a ways to go before that. Hence Server 2012 offers “Storage Spaces” that let you use inexpensive hard drives more effectively. Essentially this offer greater flexibility, redundancy, and greater physical capacity.
  • Virtualisation – Server 2012 comes with the Microsoft solution to virtualisation “Hyper-V”. This new technology has been heralded as surpassing some of the leading solutions offering special features for disaster recovery and a lighter load on your I.T. network. Read more about virtualisation
  • Stability –Server 2012 is tough, and doesn’t go down easy. It is easily Microsoft’s most stable environment to date. Plus with Microsoft shifting support away from 2003 and onto this new server, patches and security updates will be continuously rolled out offering more features and more stable performance.
  • Full Cloud Support – Server 2012 has been named by Microsoft as its “Cloud OS” having full support of Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and the Cloud OS Network. Server 2012 has been built from the ground up to be cloud friendly and have full virtualisation capabilities. Read more about Nettko’s take on Disaster Recovery and the cloud here.

Server 2012 can deliver your applications and services much faster, which can lead to a significant jump in your productivity. So really what are you waiting for? With the end of support for Server 2003 you should take this opportunity to upgrade your servers. Nettko would love to assist in any way we can with this change, contact us by phone on 1300 NETTKO if you have any questions.


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