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Advanced Threat Protection

We’ll protect your email, files, and Office 365 applications against unknown and sophisticated attacks in real-time with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. We’ll even protect your business from unsafe attachments and malicious link clicks.

Information Rights Management

Information Rights Management makes it easier to set restrictions and provide permissions across your Office SharePoint and Exchange documents. It applies simple, policy-based permissions rules to ensure the right people have access to the right documents.

Azure Rights Management

Protect corporate data by allowing more secure access to company resources and enabling safe sharing of sensitive information inside and outside of your business. Microsoft Azure Rights Management provides a comprehensive policy-based enterprise solution to help protect your valuable information, no matter whom you share it with.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Add a second layer of security to your important business data with multi-factor authentication. It works by requiring two or more verification methods, safeguarding access to data and applications, and helps to meet customer demand for a simple sign-in process. You’ll even get real-time fraud monitoring and alerts.
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