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CLIENT: Aspira Business & Financial Services

  • Rapidly Growing Business Accounting Firm
  • Multi-department communications
  • High-level client engagements
  • High volume of sensitive client information

The Story of Aspira:

Founded in 2004, Aspira has transformed from a traditional accounting firm to a holistic business solutions provider. Their dedication to client success has seen them expand their services, encompassing everything from strategic planning to digital transformation. With a robust team of over 40 experts, Aspira stands as not just a service provider, but a strategic ally.

Distinctively, Aspira's forward-thinking approach sets them apart. By anticipating market shifts and client requirements, they've managed to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive arena. This proactive stance, coupled with our support, has positioned Aspira as a vanguard in both business accounting and technological advancements.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Aspira's growth brought with it the challenge of safeguarding vast amounts of crucial client data. Their existing IT infrastructure lacked the confidence of being secure. The need to transition to the cloud and eliminate their physical server infrastructure was evident. Conversations with their then IT service provider revealed a gap in understanding Aspira's business needs and the potential of technology to address them. Aspira sought a partner who could align technology with their business vision, streamline processes, and offer insights into their performance, which was scattered across multiple applications.

Our journey with Aspira began with a complimentary cyber security review, revealing foundational security lapses that demanded immediate attention. Collaborating closely with the Aspira team, we addressed these concerns, imparted cyber security training, and instituted processes for secure client information sharing.

Engaging with Aspira's key stakeholders, we discerned the company's objectives for the forthcoming years. This understanding paved the way for enhancing their internal processes and optimising existing technology to meet their goals. For instance, we introduced a new client onboarding process that ensured secure and precise data capture.

Additionally, transitioning their phone system to the cloud proved invaluable during the abrupt work-from-home shift due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Efforts were also channelled into consolidating data from multiple business applications into a singular, comprehensive reporting dashboard.

The Transformation:

With our interventions, Aspira successfully phased out a significant portion of its physical server infrastructure. The revamped process for storing and sharing client data was simplified and fortified in terms of security. Regardless of their location - be it the office, a client's premises, or their homes - Aspira's team could maintain consistent work efficiency.

The business operations became more streamlined, extracting more excellent value from their existing technology. Integrating data from various business tools into a unified report gave Aspira a clear overview of its performance metrics. Most importantly, the business owners regained their confidence and were assured of the impeccable security of their client data.


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Specialised Geo has engaged Nettko for our IT support services for over five years. As a remote organisation, it is essential that our IT requirements are met with a level of creativity, attention to detail and sustainability. Not only have Nettko provided exemplary service, but they have also provided productivity and excellent response times in solving any issues that may arise. In addition to this, the Nettko team have been great to work with and is always helpful. We could not recommend them more highly.

Specialised Geo

A huge thank you for the work you have put in to deliver our engine room project, from the overall structure and plan to the team's technical abilities, project management skills and SharePoint expertise. The Engine Room greatly improved our business and showed our team that we care about providing them with a world-class operational product. The overall feedback from the team is:” It’s awesome!” Thanks again, and I can’t wait to work alongside you in the future.

Justin Doyle - Doyle Partners

Our experience with Nettko was fantastic. They rolled out Microsoft Teams calling and all the hardware for us just in time for Newcastle's 2nd lockdown. They were very easy to communicate with and always responsive. Excellent value, too. We can fully recommend the Nettko team.

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