Frequently asked questions

What exactly is the cloud?

At its core, the cloud represents IT services you lease from another company. Many utilise the cloud daily via mobile devices. For instance, you interact with the cloud if you access Gmail or a Microsoft account.

Where is Nettko's team located?

Nettko's primary office is in Newcastle, with team members based in Newcastle and the Central Coast. We cater to clients remotely and on-site across the entire eastern coast of Australia.

How can Microsoft Teams facilitate phone calls?

Microsoft Teams, renowned for internal communications and video conferencing, can also function as your phone system. You can seamlessly make and receive calls with the correct licenses, a calling plan, and expert configuration from a team like ours. We can also integrate your existing phone numbers into Teams, ensuring uninterrupted communication with your clientele.

How can I enhance security in Microsoft 365?

Microsoft offers a plethora of security features to bolster your Microsoft 365 environment. While some are part of your existing subscription, others might necessitate additional licenses. Nettko can thoroughly review your Microsoft 365 cyber security, offering guidance on potential enhancements.

What defines managed IT services?

Managed services are the proactive outsourcing of specific business processes to optimise in-house maintenance costs. In IT, managed services mean entrusting another company with your IT management and maintenance responsibility.

Is transitioning from my existing IT provider a complex process?

We've seamlessly transitioned numerous clients from their previous IT providers. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth, hassle-free transition process for you.

Which businesses currently collaborate with Nettko?

Nettko excels in delivering enterprise-grade services to a diverse clientele, from small businesses with a team of 3 to medium-sized organisations housing up to 300 staff. We firmly believe that enterprise IT solutions should be accessible and affordable for businesses of all scales.

Why is Cyber Security important?

For many organisations, data represents one of their most prized assets. Since these assets are frequently stored or transmitted via the internet, it's imperative to safeguard them with robust cyber security measures.