Managed IT

Nettko’s Managed IT is serviced in our Newcastle-based IT consultancy company. We currently support small to medium-sized organisations, providing a full range of information technology services and solutions.Whether you are a growing business or a large multi-location organisation, we have a tailored solution for you. Nettko is offering proactive support and access to our IT department, providing rapid response times, and ensuring that your IT systems continue to run at their best.Your business only works as well as your systems allow. Do you find yourself continually dealing with small technical issues, that wreck the positive flow of work?

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Business Led IT Support

The Nettko Managed IT approach is that of a strategic relationship. Prior to offering any solutions, we offer a strategic consultation to find out the needs and direction of your business.This approach not only solves your current challenges in the most efficient way but also factors in opportunities to utilise your current processes. The focus with all of our solutions is based on your business running more effective long term, not a band-aided quick fix.

managed IT nettko

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Our Unique Top-Down Approach

Often with support services, the first person you speak to isn’t the person who is technically qualified to handle your question. This results in companies escalating your call until you finally get the help you need.Nettko not only has all of its engineers at the highest level of technical skills, but we also handle and distribute your enquiries from the senior level. Resulting in your question being directed to the right area from the beginning and you getting back to what’s important faster.

    As part of our services, we provide the following:

    • Monitoring 24/7: Our managed service is led by an experienced and dedicated service desk team who will work to resolve all of your IT issues.
      Our proactive 24/7 remote monitoring and management tools will unveil potential issues before they impact your business.
    • Your Local IT help Desk: You and your team to have direct access to our Newcastle-based support and solutions.
    • Cloud Support: Cloud computing and storage are on the rise to enable workplaces to support dynamic working conditions.  Our desktop and remote solutions will enable your teams to work anywhere, at any time, on any device securely
    • Audit & Reporting: Our team will uncover vulnerabilities & help you understand your infrastructure.
      Then we keep your IT environment running smoothly and maximise performance
      Employee Onboarding & Equipment: Employee onboarding has never been easier with an immediate connection to the most updated equipment and cloud systems.

      Busines-Led IT Strategy

      We believe that technology should serve the business, not the other way around. Our approach prioritises understanding each business's unique needs and objectives, ensuring that every IT solution we implement is aligned with the company's strategic goals.

      Unwavering Client Support

      We recognise that our commitment doesn't end with delivering a solution. We pride ourselves on providing consistent, responsive, and dedicated support to our clients. Every query, concern, or challenge our clients face is met with our unwavering dedication to finding resolutions and ensuring their operations run smoothly

      Integrity and Trust

      In the intricate world of Cyber Security and Managed IT, trust is the foundation of every successful partnership. We firmly believe in being honest and responsible towards our clients, and we base all of our decisions and solutions on these values.
      managed IT nettko